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"Through the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony"

Rev. 12:11

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Why Do We Partner?

Revelation 12:11 explains that is only with the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony that we overcome the enemy. Being on the mission field, we have experienced the miracles, signs, and wonders that only come from the powerful moves of the Holy Spirit. This is a work that is rarely communicated, especially through media. Our partnership allows these stories to be documented in a way that Glorifies only God, not us, and not the ministries we work with. These stories have been neglected for years due to a lack of resources and busyness. It is time to take Revelation 12:11 seriously and overcome the enemy with Jesus at the center of all we do.

Better together.


Our Story

After serving in missions for years in college, we recognized there was a gap in many truly seeing how God was moving tangibly across our world. Jonathan was able to use his camera during this season to capture just a glimpse of how God was moving through videos for our university. We witnessed hundreds of physical healings, prodigal sons called home, hearts being healed, souls saved and many coming to know Jesus as Lord in the darkest of spaces.


Yet, when we returned home to the States many could not believe the stories we were sharing. This is when we realized that these testimonies need to be shared! There are captives being free every day and why are we being silent?

The issue we found is that many of these organizations did not have the resources or the tools to create videos, let alone films to share all God has done. 

A call on our hearts is to share the Gospel in a modern way through film while on the missions field serving other missions organizations or other non-profits that are serving as the hands and feet of Christ.

Theses stories MUST BE TOLD.

Jesus is still doing the impossible.

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Meet The Team

Jonathan and Sara Yarborough, founders.

Since seeing God move across the nation through missions in college, their heart has been on fire to share the works of the Lord in a tangible way. 

In using the camera as a vessel, their heart is to share to the ends of the Earth the power of the Gospel through stories. Our hearts are to film these stories authentically and serve alongside these ministries to lift up the name of Jesus.

The Yarborough's

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When not overseas, what are we up to as a ministy?

In order for us to create films that give our utmost excellence, we come back to our HQ in Florida to edit. The filming process determines per project (2 weeks - 6 months) which determines the editing process.

We are always connecting with future ministry partners to begin praying and seeking the Lord for direction for a possible project together. 

Our ministry is a donor-supported non-profit ministry that allows us to not charge ministries and others to capture these stories, edit and share these films. 

Editing. Planning. Fundraising.


What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to partner alongside Christ-centered organizations globally through visual storytelling and building relationships. Our cameras are simply vessels to document and communicate how the Holy Spirit is actively moving around the world.

All for His Kingdom.




Por Siempre Ministries is an international movement dedicated to presenting Jesus to present and future generations through resourcing, mobilizing, training, filming and equipping both individuals and organizations. 

Jesus over everything.

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