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All we have belongs and comes from God. We understand that it is through Him that every need is met for each of our lives. He is giver and He has entrusted us to steward the gift of finances. It is through giving that the Gospel is able to be practically advanced to every corner of the world. We urge you speak with God and see how the Lord is calling you to be a part financially with Por Siempre Ministries. 

We are honored in anyway you feel led to contribute to what God is doing through the power of film in sharing the stories inspired by Heaven to the world. 



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Prayer is our love language. Interaction 

reminds us that we cannot do this on our own and allows God to enter the circumstance to be praised and depended on. In our mission, we need your prayers to see God touch hearts. But, we want to be able to believe along side you for your miracle. Send us a prayer request so we can join you in prayer.


In order for the forever stories to be known to the world, we need your help to share our missions. Let your friends family and local community hear what God is up to around the nations. Jesus is alive and well and His story must be told!

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