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This Generation Ministries

This documentary is in post-production.


For the past 10 years, This Generation has provided a safe Jesus-encounter experience at Camp Nahshii to youth from ages 12-18. "Nahshii" translates to "place of healing" and is the prayer for the staff for every student who attends.


This camp is focused on unreached and at-risk Native youth in surrounding villages along the Yukon River, 150 river miles from the closest city. The youth attending Camp Nahshii are currently struggling or have been affected by a friend/ family member facing: drug addiction, suicide, alcoholism, abuse physically/verbally or sexually, and abandonment.

View Robert's story to hear how God has touched this young man through unbelievable circumstances. Jesus is able!


Pastor Ron Pratt | John 10:10

This video shares a glimpse into the night services at Camp Nahshii as founder, Pastor Ron Pratt shares a reminder from John 10:10.

Behind The Scenes

This video highlights the process it took to even arrive at the remote camp and the joy it was for us to not only film but serve as camp counselors. 


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The Holy Spirit needs NO fancy lights, expensive instruments or a massive “church” building for the presence of God to fall on those seeking Him. Every night of camp there would be a service filled with worship and messages that would address topics such as: The Gospel, Freedom in Christ, Obedience, Father's Love, Hearing the Voice of God, Hoilness, Spiritual Warfare and etc. 


After each message there would be an altar call and ministry time to allow the Holy Spirit to work and speak to the hearts of the youth. Many of them would simply melt in our arms with tears in their eyes sharing their pains and abuse. Each of these youth carried hurts beyond imagination such as abuse, not seeing their own parents for years while their dad lives in their own village of 600 people, and deep rooted anger towards their abusers. 

During our time together, working through their pain to highlight truth, and not giving up on those wounds to be healed around 20 campers came to know Christ as their Savior and accept Him into their heart. Each camper experienced the power of God come and take away the pain of their past and empower them with purpose. Their lives were changed and their addictions were healed only because of the power and love of JESUS. 


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