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Hope For Brazil Ministries


Hope For Brazil Ministries has been sharing the Gospel for the past 12 years across the nation of Brazil from along the Amazon River to the inner city communities through discipleship, medical outreach, church-planting and evangelism.

We are excited to share with you this coming Fall 2023 a short documentary in sharing stories of the hope of Jesus that shines in the most unlikely places in Brazil.


بيان المهمة

بور سيمبر خدمات هي حركة دولية مكرسة لتقديم يسوع للأجيال الحالية والمقبلة من خلال  الموارد  تعبئة وتدريب وتصوير وتجهيز كل من الأفراد و  المنظمات . 

Christmas on The River

This video highlights the annual "Christmas on the River" outreach in the Village of San Pedro along the Amazon River and in the city of Santerame. The greatest gift we could ever receive came though the birth of Jesus, yet HFB was able to additionally bring physical gifts though medical forms to then share this 
"Good News". 

HFBM Vision Video

This video shares the heartbeat of HFBM as they serve a variety of different cities in Brazil with different outreach strategies.

A Prayer For Brazil 

During an interview, Pastor Roberto shared a prayer for his nation. A cry for his Brazilian brother and sisters to experience the power of Christ. 

Behind the Scenes

Follow along behind the scenes of how we travel, interview, and able to serve Jesus along the way as we capture how God is moving in 5 different cities and 3 Amazon villages.


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In traveling to Brazil three separate times to capture how the Lord is at work, we are inspired by the hunger this nation has for the Gospel. We are thankful to HFBM president, Dave McClamma for entrusting us to create such a special film. We had the honor to serve alongside Brazilian nationals and the many volunteers in various cities whose hearts are on fire to see their nation saved. It is only through the love of Christ that point to the hope of salvation that many have been set free through this ministry and we pray more to come.


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